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Councilman has good press coverage

Councilman has good press coverage

April 13, 1935: Byron Brainard, former newspaper editor and current City Council member, seated at a typewriter near a newspaper printing press.

A story in the April 17, 1935, Los Angeles Times explains:

Councilman Brainard has one great advantage over this colleagues – he is assured of a “good press.”

While other public officials are dependent on the City Hall reporters to interpret their actions, Brainard makes his explanations directly by writing a semi-weekly column of comment “Column Right.”

So far, Brainard has found no cause of complaint with the way his actions are treated in the column.

Prior to his election to the Council, in 1933, Brainard was actively engaged as the publisher and editor of a community newspaper, the Southwest News-Press. For the past two years he has been a contributor.

Brainard has lived thirty of his forty-one years in the southwestern part of the city. While still a minor he acquired his first piece of property through his parents and has been a taxpayer for twenty-five years. He is married and has an 18-year-old daughter and a son, 9.

After losing a 1939 reelection bid, Brainard died on March 19, 1940.

A similar photo was published in the April 17, 1935, Los Angeles Times. The location of the presses in the background is unknown, but they probably belonged to the Southwest News-Press.

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