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Triceratops arrive at Disneyland

Triceratops arrive at Disneyland

July 1966: A worker checks the three-horned triceratops, part of the new “Primeval World” exhibit at Disneyland.

Primeval World was one of four new additions to Disneyland that opened in 1966. Work was completed by Walt Disney’s WED Enterprises Inc. in Glendale.

A Feb. 3, 1966, article by staff writer Dave Felton reported on the new exhibit:

In “Primeval World,” audio-animatronics will cause a set of huge reptilian eggs to “quiver and shake as the young triceratops are hatched,” as one WED guide put it.

Dinosaurs two stories high with scientific names almost at large will engage in mortal combat. Volcanoes will erupt and fiery lave will creep over the landscape ….

A similar photo by staff photographer Steve Fontanini was published in the July 4, 1966, Los Angeles Times.

In addition to Primeval World, in 1966 Disneyland opened Its a Small World, New Orleans Square and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Primeval World, along with the Grand Canyon diorama, are viewed by riders of the Disneyland Railroad.

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