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Judge and jury ride the Chutes

Judge and jury ride the Chutes

Sept. 7, 1938: Judge Charles Haas, right front seat, and members of a jury take a ride on Ocean Park’s Chute-the-Chutes.

Violinist Helen Myers claimed she suffered back and pelvis injuries on the ride and sued. An article in the Sept. 8, 1938, Los Angeles Times explains:

“It was a nice ride,” yesterday unemotionally commented Superior Judge Haas as he strode away from a ride down the chute-the-chutes on the Ocean Park pier.

The first ride of a similar nature he had taken since his youth, the judge went in for the frivolity in the line of judicial duty.

Judge Haas and members of a mixed jury went to the amusement concession as part of a trial in Superior Court in which Helen L. Myers, violinist, is seeking $7600 from the Ocean Park Pier Amusement Corporation and C. L. Langley, owner of the concession.

Reactions of the twelve regular jurors, one alternate and the two attorneys, Gregson Bautzer and Don Bryant, varied, some laughing and one refusing to take the ride.

The suit was the outgrowth of an asserted mishap which occurred last September 12 when Miss Myers charged she received injuries during the ride. She set forth asserted negligent operation and improper construction of the concession.

Langley, owner of the ride, said that during his nine years in operating it he had averaged 10,000 rides a week, a total of 4,680,000 rides, with only two minor mishaps.

After the ride, the Los Angeles Times reported, the jury “returned to court and granted $6045 damages to Miss Helen L. Myers…”

This photo was published in the Sept. 8, 1938, Los Angeles Times. The photographer is unknown.

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