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Lotus flowers on Echo Park Lake, 1935

Lotus flowers on Echo Park Lake, 1935

Aug. 9, 1935: Marian Skouras, left, and Velda Martin in a canoe at Echo Park Lake, where they sought refuge from the heat in a haven of pink lotus, blue and yellow water lilies now in full bloom in the northern part of lake.

This photo accompanied this short story in the Aug. 10, 1935, Los Angeles Times:

Adding beauty to the natural glories of Echo Park, a floating field of lotus blossoms, which bloom only once each year, is attracting the attention of visitors to the park and lake opposite Angelus Temple.

The colorful field of pink lotus and blue and yellow water lilies was discovered yesterday near the bank on the north end by Marian Skouras and Velda Martin, who sought solace from the hot rays of the sun by taking a canoe ride.

The plot is in full bloom now, but the blossoms will disappear within a few days.

In recent years the lotus plants died off, then were replanted. For more, check out this July 12, 2014, story: Lotus flowers, festival make their return to Echo Park Lake.

This photo was published in the Aug. 10, 1935, Los Angeles Times.

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