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Judge Hollopeter and monkeys

Judge Hollopeter and monkeys

Nov. 7, 1932: Judge C. E. Hollopeter with Mary, a Capuchin monkey, and two Colombian monkeys involved in a lawsuit.

This photo accompanied this short story in the Nov. 8, 1932, Los Angeles Times:

Mary, a ring-tailed Capuchin monkey which strayed from the home of Mrs. Ethel Osborne will reside permanently in a pet shop as the result of a decision handed down by Municipal Judge Hollopeter yesterday.

Mrs. Osborne sued W. T. Grant & Co., operators of the pet shop, and J. E. Pepin, who sold Mary to them, for $50 which she asserted is the value of the monkey. After hearing the evidence Judge Hollopeter cut the amount down to $12.50, because the pet shop has been caring for the animal several months. Its value, he found, is $25.

Mary was accompanied to court by a newly acquired family of two youthful monkeys, which arrived from Cartagena, Colombia, according to pet-shop employees. They told Judge Hollopeter they were unable to separate Mary and the other two monkeys and apologized because their efforts to do so made them fifteen minutes late for the trial. Mary is not for sale, they said.

The story never identified which of the three monkeys is Mary. I’m guessing Mary is on the left.

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