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Ginsberg meditates despite broken leg

Ginsberg meditates despite broken leg

May, 1973: Poet Allen Ginsberg, with a broken leg, lies on the floor meditating.

During a visit to the Claremont Colleges, Ginsberg could not use his normal yoga position and had to do his meditation supported by the floor and two pillows.

Here’s how staff writer Kathleen Healy began her in-depth article in the May 13, 1973, Los Angeles Times:

From reading Allen Ginsberg’s pastoral poetry about his Mohawk Valley, N.Y., commune in “The Fall of America,” it was predictable that he would jet from New York to Los Angeles wearing famer bib overalls and a dark-blue work shirt.

It also was no surprise the Ginsberg was wearing a thigh-to-toe cast on his right leg. A slip on the ice while feeding goats is to be expected from the Paterson, N.J., beatnik, hippie, yippie peyote-grass-LSD Pentagon-raising-LSD mediator who chanted om, om, om during the Chicago Seven trial.

But you do not anticipate hearing that the fall occurred during the poet’s first stay on the farm in a couple of years; that he manages the commune’s finances, not its animals. …

This photo by staff photographer Tony Barnard was published in the May 13, 1973, Los Angeles Times.

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