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DC-3 over Hoover Dam

DC-3 over Hoover Dam

March, 1938: United Airlines-Western Air Express DC-3 aircraft carrying Los Angeles Times Outdoor Editor Lynn J. Rogers over Hoover Dam.

This photo was published in the April 3, 1938 Los Angeles Times Outdoor Section accompanying the weekly travelogue story. The Times-Union Oil Company scout party had traveled to Las Vegas and back, but because of major flood damage by March rains, the story was held for three weeks until road conditions improved.

Rogers and his co-workers drove to San Bernardino only to find the Cajon Pass closed. They returned to Los Angeles and drove to Las Vagas via Palmdale. Once in Las Vegas, trip they took a United Airlines-Western Air Express DC-3 round-trip flight to Los Angeles. After returning to Las Vegas, they drove back to Los Angeles.

A previous From the Archives post Hoover Dam lights up Los Angeles party, covers the 1936 celebration of the dam’s opening.

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