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Peace on Earth 1945

Peace on Earth 1945

Dec. 25, 1945, was the first Christmas following World War II. This photo by staff photographer Julian Robinson appeared that Christmas with the following caption:

PEACE ON EARTH: The war ended and peace once more has settled upon the nation, and in many homes and in churches today there will be prayers of gratitude, spoken or unspoken. Marine Lt. Tom Bussjager, just returned from the Pacific, with his wife and child went to St. Michael Church here yesterday for a solemn, sentimental moment.

Bussjaeger, whose surname was misspelled in the original Times caption, was photographed with his wife Dawn Cecelia Bussjaeger and daughter Kathy Bussjaeger. The Bussjaegers had three additional children.

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3:24 p.m., Dec. 30: An earlier version of this post and the Dec. 25, 1945, Los Angeles Times caption on which it was based misspelled Lt. Tom Bussjaeger’s last name as Bussjager.

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  1. December 27, 2014, 4:53 pm

    Thank you for printing this image! I am a humble Catholic man, husband and father and I am also proud to say that I know Tom today at 93. He is a great example of what it means to be a Catholic man, husband and father and what it means to serve – in all of life. Jim

    By: Jim

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