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Plane crash on roof

Plane crash on roof

Nov. 27, 1959: Fire stripped fuselage is all that remains of single-engine aircraft that crashed into a Compton house. The pilot was killed but six residents were unharmed.

This image by staff photographer George Fry was published on page one of the Nov. 28, 1959 Los Angeles Times. An accompanying story reported:

A light plane nosedived into a Compton residence last night, killing the pilot and burning part of the building.

The six occupants of the house escaped without injury. …

Identity of the pilot was not immediately determined.

In their house on W. Greenleaf Dr. asleep at the time of the crash were Harry R. Gaffney, 35, his wife Altie, 28, and their children Glendora Maria, 9; Nancy Lee; Matthew, 4, and Timothy, 7 months.

“I thought the water heater had blown up. I didn’t know what. The flames were right in the middle of the house related Gaffney.

The two boys were lifted to safety out a bedroom window and the parents led the two girls out a doorway.

Units of Compton Fire Department quickly extinguished the flames. The body of the pilot was recovered from the wreckage of the plane, which was half-way through the house with its tail vertical to the roof.

The plane was believed to have been circling for a landing at Compton Airport, about a mile to the north of the site.

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  1. August 4, 2015, 12:11 am

    is that real? cant imagine if there is a plane crash only the roof., lol… but your photo is awesome…

    By: PVC

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