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Angels 'sunk' at Dodger Stadium

Angels ‘sunk’ at Dodger Stadium

Sep. 18, 1965: Los Angeles Angels batboy Roger Hailey swims through team dugout retrieving equipment after heavy rain flooded Dodger Stadium.

Staff writer John Hall reported in the Sep. 19, 1965 Los Angeles Times:

Who says there are no lakes in Los Angeles?

Dodger Stadium turned into one inside a half hour Saturday as an electrical storm and heavy cloudburst flooded the area.

The scheduled Angel-Baltimore Oriole game was not only washed out, it was drowned.

Hopefully, the contest has been reset for today as part of a doubleheader starting at 2:30.

But Dick Foster, Angel director of stadium operations, had his doubts. “We’ll be pumping water all night,” he said after surveying the damage.

Starting 17 minutes before game time at 1:58, the downpour was the heaviest to hit the stadium since it opened in 1962.

The playing field turned into a lake inside a few minutes, both dugouts filled with water, pads on the benches floated out to the infield and Angel batboy Roger Hailey actually had to swim through the dugout to removed equipment.

In the end of the Angel dugout leading to the clubhouse, water was four feet deep and moved up nearly 50 get inside the stadium.

The $5.50 dugout box seats behind home plate were completely submerged and the infield tarp looked like a raft in the middle of a small sea.

“Another Angel first,” said publicist Ive Kaze.

Water poured over the rims of the upper levels in sheets, flooding into the press box and forcing phones and wire machines to be disconnected.

“It looked like Niagara Falls,” chirped broadcaster Buddy Blatner.

“Walter O’Malley (Dodgers owner) has done it again. The drains aren’t working properly,” shouted an Angel official. …

This photo by staff photographer Art Rogers was published in the Sep. 18, 1965 Los Angeles Times.

The grounds at Dodger Stadium were still too wet forcing cancellation of Sunday, Sep. 19, 1965’s double hitter.

For the 1966 season, the California Angels moved to their own stadium in Anaheim.

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