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The latest: World Backup Day, Periscope and Nikon Coolpix P900

The latest: World Backup Day, Periscope and Nikon Coolpix P900

world-backup200pxWorld Backup Day 2015 — Tuesday is World Backup Day 2015. I’m sure you have it marked on your calendar. For most, it’s just another blink on the calendar of endless promotional ideas like National Donut Day or No Pants Day. While World Backup Day is not  well known,  its  website does preach an  important message, “Don’t Be an April Fool. Be prepared. Back up your files on March 31st.”

I recently started receiving this message: OS X can’t repair the disk on one of my important hard drives. You can still open or copy files on the disk but can’t save changes to files on the disk. Backup the disk and reformat it as soon as you can. I was very lucky because I could still get to my files, which includes thousands of photos, videos and other important documents.

Most people don’t think about backing up their data until it’s way too late. Procrastination is never a good thing when it relates to computer data.

This is where you really need to think about a backup strategy. According to the World Backup Day website, 30% of people have never backed up their data. I am guessing it could be a lot more. It’s really not a priority for most people. You think about it only after you have a problem.

You should always have three copies of your data with one of them being off site. Most people should be able to get their data on a one terabyte hard drive which has become relatively inexpensive priced between $80 to $150.  It’s more difficult, time-consuming and expensive if you have large libraries of photographs, especially RAW files and video.

Offsite online backup has become popular, and companies such as  CrashPlan make it affordable and simple to backup your computer or family’s files.

Backup those important files today, don’t wait.

periscope200pxPeriscope – The new Periscope App from Twitter lets you easily broadcast live video with just a few clicks whenever you have a connection to the Internet. It also notifies  your Twitter followers that you’re on live. Your followers can watch the video on a computer browser or on iPhone. Simplicity is what makes this app work, but it suffers most from boring video. I have seen the content get really boring really fast. Of course, that’s not the app’s fault.

It’s certainly a great way to broadcast quickly from a breaking news event. Your followers who are watching can send messages and comment. The social style app includes the gimmick of using hearts to give viewers a rating system. Your popularity will get you to the “Most Love” list.

The Periscope app records in a vertical orientation, which was  counterintuitive for me since most serious video is shot horizontal.  Your videos are available for replay for 24 hours.

Set up was a little confusing. It lets you pick which Twitter people you want to follow from your own list but I wasn’t sure how to run a test. I didn’t want to blast all my Twitter followers with my first try. For now, it’s going to be one of those apps I downloaded but don’t use very much.

Instagram has the right idea by having a 15-second limit on video. It’s the perfect length for my attention span.

nikoncamNikon  Coolpix P900  — Nikon’s newest super-zoom camera has crushed the competition with its Coolpix P900 with its 83x zoom. Ready for this, it’s the 35mm equivalent to a 24mm to 4000mm zoom lens. Let’s see how your iPhone competes with this when you’re out on a nature walk photographing birds.

I have reviewed two of these style cameras in previous posts, the Nikon Coolpix 510  with 42X and the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with 50x zoom.

While this camera has an amazing amount of zoom range, it’s not going to compete in image quality with a more expensive DSLR camera, but who can afford and carry a camera, tripod and 2000mm lens? The camera weighs only 31.8 ounces. It also features built-in WiFi and video up to Full HD at 1920/1080 at 60p.

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