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Tommy Lee Jones as Howard Hughes

Tommy Lee Jones as Howard Hughes

January 1977: Actor Tommy Lee Jones portrays Howard Hughes during filming of the CBS television movie at Camarillo Airport.

This photo by staff photographer Mary Frampton was published in the Jan. 6, 1977, Los Angeles Times with this caption:

In 1938 a gangly young flyer named Howard Hughes, completing his around-the-world flight, lands his Lodestar on the wrong runway at Bennett Field in New York–to be met by a crowd that included Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. The scene was re-created at Camarillo Airport for “Howard, the Amazing Hughes,” a four-hour CBS-TV moved to be shown on two consecutive nights in April. The movie stars Tommy Lee Jones as the eccentric millionaire.

The movie, renamed “The Amazing Howard Hughes,” was broadcast on CBS on April 13-14, 1977. An article in the April 20, 1977, Los Angeles Times reported “Part two of the four-hour TV movie, ‘The Amazing Howard Hughes,’ was No. 1 on the latest Nielsen rating list,” for the week broadcasted.

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  1. June 17, 2015, 12:03 pm

    this was the first picture I saw Tommy Lee Jones perform and I was out of high school, for almost two years, after I graduated high school, when production was underway. I was deeply impressed with his talent and acting, by Jones and his Texas accent, fit right in, with the Hughes character. The one item that stands out, is Jones swinging a sledgehammer against a vehicle, which was steam powered and pointing out the lack of safety, for the occupants.

    By: Steven Moshlak

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