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New home for Jayne Mansfield [updated]

New home for Jayne Mansfield [updated]

Sept. 24, 1958: Awaiting a remodel, Jayne Mansfield and body builder husband Mickey Hargitay sit in lavish emptiness, his barbells occupying the hearth in the living room of their $78,000 home.

Mansfield’s Holmby Hills home, later dubbed “The Pink Palace,” underwent a major remodel.

In an Oct. 2, 1958, Los Angeles Times story, staff writer Jerry Hulse reports:

It’s just a humble little home in Holmby Hills.

Mickey and Jayne’s house.

It’s to contain a heart-shaped fireplace, pink fur-covered bathroom walls, built-in televisions, built-in stoves and a Texas-size bed.

In the words of Mickey Hargitay, a Texas-size bed is “twice the size of a kingsize bed.”

In it he and his actress wife, Jayne Mansfield, will seek surcease from their workaday world.

So, contrary to the impression they’ve created of late, the couple apparently are far from busted. …

The Hargitays moved into their Holmby Hills home about five weeks ago. …

It’s an old Mediterranean style place, built by Rudy Vallee in his heyday. …

Included in the plans will be the installation of an elevator, a fountain in the living room, pink-tinted mirrors in the master bedroom (Jayne’s and Mickey’s), pink iron gates outside the house, a heart-shaped swimming pool, etc., etc., etc.  ….

After several additional owners, the Pink Palace was torn down in 2002.

The top photo by staff photographer Ray Graham was published in the Los Angeles Times 1999 book, “High Exposure: Hollywood Lives – Found Photos from the Archives of the Los Angeles Times.”

Sep. 30, 1958: Actress Jayne Mansfield holds drawing of how the living room of the Hargitay’s $78,000 home will appear after they finish $75,000 decorating job. It will boast heart-shaped fireplace and fur-covered bathroom walls. This photo was published in the Oct. 2, 1958 Los Angeles Times. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

Aug. 13, 1997: Exterior of the Jayne Mansfield house, known at the Pink Palace, then owned by Englebert Humperdinck. Credit: Bob Carey/Los Angeles Times.

Aug. 13, 1997: Heart-shaped swimming pool and lush backyard of the Jayne Mansfield house. Credit: Bob Carey/Los Angeles Times.

[Updated June 22, 2015: Date in caption for top photo corrected from Sept. 24, 1952 to Sept. 24, 1958.]

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  1. June 22, 2015, 1:17 pm

    Your date of 1952 is not correct. Mansfield hadn't arrived from Texas yet.

  2. June 22, 2015, 1:50 pm

    Caption corrected to 1958.

    Scott Harrison

    By: Scott Harrison

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