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Old Hall of Records falls

Old Hall of Records falls

July 7, 1973: Three-photo sequence by staff photographer Cal Montney during the demolition of the old Los Angeles County Hall of Records. These three photos were published in the July 8, 1973, Los Angeles Times with this caption:

FROM LANDMARK TO RUBBLE–Demolition crew topples last wall of Old Hall of Records, Civic Center’s most charming and idosyncratic landmark. Finished in 1911, it served as seat of county government until 1960.

The lot, opposite the Spring Street entrance to the Los Angeles City Hall, is now the lower section of Grand Park.

March 27, 1959: The Los Angeles County Hall of Records from the Broadway side of building. This photo was published in the April 12, 1959, Los Angeles Times. Credit: Steve Fontanini/Los Angeles Times.

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  1. July 20, 2015, 5:08 am

    I remember the old courthouse used to be right next door. Back then there was some real architecture being built; not cubism, on steroids.

    By: Steven Moshlak

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