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Tunnels on Pasadena Freeway

Tunnels on Pasadena Freeway

Jan. 1, 1956: Traffic is light in a photo by staff photographer John Malmin for the Know Your City series.

This photo, part of the popular mid-1950s series “Know Your City,” was published in the Feb. 4, 1956, Los Angeles Times:

KNOW YOUR CITY, NO. 79––You can do a series like this just so long and then you work yourself into a hole––or a series of them. Surely you can see through this picture. In more ways than one. Just for laughs where is it? Page 8, Part 1.

From Page 8:


Sure, sure, sure–all it is is a photo of the Figueroa St. tunnels on the Pasadena Freeway. Sorry to be such a bore. …

Try to do better tomorrow when No. 80 in this Know Your City series will appear in The Times, where else?

I will be posting additional images from the Know Your City series – known for its bad puns.

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