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Know Your City No. 3 - Angels Flight

Know Your City No. 3 – Angels Flight

The third image in the Know Your City photography series is of Angels Flight. This image appeared in the Nov. 20, 1955, Los Angeles Times. The accompanying caption reported:

KNOW YOUR CITY, NO. 3– It is here that Angels do not have feet of clay. They ride. It’s a neighborhood of ups and downs. And a nickel gets you a lot of pull. This is an unusual angle of– can you guess, just for fun? The answer on Page 2, Part 2.

ANSWER: The photo shows Angels Flight as it crosses over Clay St. (“It is here angels do not have feet of clay”– wow!) And a nickel does give you a lot of pull here because the cost of a round-trip ticket on this, the city’s smallest franchised railroad, is– 5 cents. But you probably guessed it. That angular car was a dead giveaway. …

In 1958, staff photographer John Malmin took this similar image of Angels Flight. For more, this check out the Angels Flight photo gallery.

Oct. 5, 1958: Angels Flight car seen from Clay Street in Los Angeles. Credit: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

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