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1963 Cuban refugees arrive at LAX

1963 Cuban refugees arrive at LAX

April 17, 1963: Refugees from communist Cuba arrive at Los Angeles International Airport. The flight originated  from Miami, Fla. Local Methodist churches sponsored the refugees.

Staff photographer John Malmin’s photo appeared in the April 18, 1963, Los Angeles Times. A short article reported:

Eighty-one Cuban refugees arrived here Wednesday via National Airlines on the second anniversary of the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion. Most of the men voiced their desire for another bigger and better-planned invasion of Castro’s Cuba.

These men, who did not want to be quoted by name, said they back Cuban Revolutionary Council President Jose Miro Cardona in his bitter denunciation of the U.S. policy toward Communist Cuba.

“We’re not asking Americans to fight with us,” said a refugee father of three. “We just want the help the United States promised to rid Cuba of Castro. It’s for America’s good that the United States should keep its promise to help us invade Cuba successfully.”

Representatives of 25 Southland Methodist churches greeted the refugees.

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