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1934 opening of Farmers Market

1934 opening of Farmers Market

July 14, 1934: Opening day of the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles. Carts full of fresh produce draw the attention of visitors.

A July 11, 1934, Los Angeles Times article announces the Farmers Market opening:

Like New Orleans and Baltimore, where the system is more than a century old, Los Angeles is going to have a farmers’ public market.

The market will open Saturday morning (July 14) on a five-acre lot on the northeast corner of Third street and Fairfax avenue.

Endorsed by the Farm Bureau and other allied groups, the market is planned as an outlet for the produce of the farmer who owns but a few acres of land and whose output in crops is insufficient to permit help to sell to the large wholesalers.

Only farmers who actually grow their own crops will be permitted to occupy stalls at the market. Each farmer agrees to pick fresh each morning the various vegetables or fruits he plans to sell the same day. Under regulations imposed by Roger Dahlhjelm, director of the project, no farmer will be permitted to sell left-over supplies.

For the privilege of occupying the stalls the farmers pay a nominal fee. They may take the stalls by the day, week or month. Surrounding the stalls is free parking space for more than 500 automobiles.

Among the products to be placed on sale are included eggs, poultry, flowers, vegetables, fruits, honey, nuts and similar articles. …

July 14, 1934: Opening day of the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles. Credit: Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

These two images were scanned from cellulose nitrate negatives. They are part of the Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive at UCLA.

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  1. September 1, 2015, 11:50 am

    My Mother and I went to the Farmer’s Market every Friday, especially to get delicious Enchiladas, and pick up our poodle from the groomers close by. The memories I have of this free spirited, open aired place are etched in my mind forever: the magic shop, great pastries showcased on turn tables, fresh vegetables, fruits and the friendliness of people. We need more places like Farmer’s Market to foster more community in our country like in Spain, Italy and Greece.

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