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Know Your City No. 4 - Beethoven statue

Know Your City No. 4 – Beethoven statue

Nov. 9, 1955: Image of Beethoven statue at Pershing Square taken for the Know Your City photography series. This photo by John Malmin appeared in the Nov. 21, 1955, Los Angeles Times. The original caption reported:

KNOW YOUR CITY, NO. 4 –For years he was for the birds. But he went away for a while. And when he came back he was looking the other way. And, if he could, he’d probably make a note of that. Just for fun, who is he? And where is he? Answer on Page 9, Part 2.

ANSWER – Surely you recognized the statue, in studied stride, of Beethoven that stands in Pershing Square. The statue faces the intersection of 5th and Olive Sts., being out in this new position after having been stored during the excavation for the parking garage beneath the park. …

Dedication of the Ludwig van Beethoven statue occurred on Oct. 14, 1932.

Construction at Pershing Square in 1951 forced removal of all statues. In 1952, Beethoven returned – image below.

The statue of Beethoven currently is at Pershing Square.

April 28, 1952: Statue of Beethoven is returned to Pershing Square after construction project at park was completed. This photo was published in the April 29, 1952 Los Angeles Times. Pershing Square was remodeled and an underground garage added to the park.

April 28, 1952: Statue of Ludwig van Beethoven returns to Pershing Square. The statue remained in storage during construction of underground parking structure. Credit: Art Rogers/Los Angeles Times.


Dec. 16, 1966: Students armed with signs inspired by the comic strip “Peanuts”” marched on Pershing Square in observance of the 196th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. Zubin Mehta, left, musical director of Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and Dr. Feri Roth, UCLA, placed a wreath at the composer’s statue. This photo was published in the Dec. 17, 1966, Los Angeles Times. Credit: Ben Olender/Los Angeles Times

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