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Cornerstone for Los Angeles City Hall

Cornerstone for Los Angeles City Hall

June 22, 1927: The cornerstone for the new Los Angeles City Hall is lowered into position.

A story accompanying this photo in the June 23, 1927, Los Angeles Times reported:

The corner-stone of Los Angeles’ new City Hall was laid at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon. The ceremonies were conducted by the Native Sons of the Golden West, with Charles A. Thompson, Grand President of the order presiding. Appropriate speeches were made by Gov. (Clement) Young, Mayor (George) Cryer, President McGarry of the Chamber of Commerce and Edward J. Delorey, who acted as chairman. …

Just before the corner-stone was lowered into position, a copper box was placed inside which contained more than a score of historical documents and other articles. Among these was an autographed photograph of Mayor Cryer, his annual message, the charter of Los Angeles, a history of the California pioneers, a copy of the city budget for 1927-28, an account of the discovery of gold in 1848, three gold nuggets and numerous other articles.

The Governor joined the Mayor at the old City Hall and the procession to the new structure was led by the Firemen’s Band. Several thousand persons witnessed the ceremonies, The program was broadcast.

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June 22, 1927: The cornerstone of the new Los Angeles City Hall is seated during ceremonies at the construction site.

June 22, 1927: Crowd attending ceremonies for the cornerstone of the Los Angeles City Hall. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

Oct. 6, 2015: The cornerstone for Los Angeles City Hall is to the left of the historical entrance - now closed - off Spring St.

Oct. 6, 2015: The cornerstone for Los Angeles City Hall is to the left of the historical entrance – now closed – off Spring St. Credit: Scott Harrison/Los Angeles Times.

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