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1926 Times - De Mille Photoplay Letter Contest

1926 Times – De Mille Photoplay Letter Contest

March, 1926: Cecil B. De Mille selecting prize winners from 50,000 manuscripts submitted in The Times-De Mille Photoplay Letter Contest.

A story accompanying this photo in the March 28, 1926 Los Angeles Times, reported:

Cecil B. De Mille will announce the fourteen prize winners in The Times-De Mille Photoplay Letter Contest next Sunday, April 4, and the names of the winners and their suggested themes for a big motion picture will be published in the columns of The Times on that day.

Mr. De. Mille, who will spend more than $1,000,000 in producing a picture from the winning idea, will distribute $2100 in prizes, the theme accepted as a basis for his next superfeature winning $1000. …

Mr. De Mille will confine his personal production activities for the ensuring year to the filming of the winning theme, which will be produced on the dimensions of his greatest triumph, “The Ten Commandments.” It will be remembered that the idea for a screen presentations of “The Ten Commandments” was submitted through a similar contest held by The Times and Mr. De Mille in 1922. …

The winners were announced in the April 4, 1926 Los Angeles Times:

The idea of which the ablest treatment was awarded the capital prize is the Biblical story of the flood and Noah’s escape therefrom in the ark. Altogether 157 contestants suggested this idea. In accordance with the rules the best presentation of the theme–Miss Comstock’s–won the first prize.

The winners and the amounts which they will receive for their suggestions are was follows:

First prize, $1000–Catherine Comstock, (600 block East First Street) Long Beach, Cal.

Second prize, $300–Laura D. Thomas, (100 block F street) Salt Lake, Utah.

Third prize, $200–Emmett L. Flynn, (200 block South Crescent Drive) Beverly Hills, Cal. …

Winners were listed down to 14th place.

The Noah flood movie “The Deluge” was cancelled. Instead DeMille made “The King of Kings,” released in 1927.

F. C. Nelson of Lansing, Michigan, won the earlier 1922 Los Angeles Times – De Mille contest.

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