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A young Goldwater supporter

A young Goldwater supporter

Sept. 16, 1963: Four-year-old Craig Phelps of North Hollywood takes a break during a Republican Party rally at Dodger Stadium

Among the 42,000 people who came to Dodger Stadium in September 1963 for a Republican Party rally was a 4-year-old boy named Craig Phelps.

Phelps’ parents had brought him to the rally, which featured a speech by presidential candidate Barry Goldwater slamming the “rocking-chair leadership” of then-President John F. Kennedy.

Today, Phelps’ memory of that day is hazy, but he knows he was there – he has the picture in the newspaper to prove it.

A Los Angeles Times photographer took Phelps’ picture sitting on the back of a seat, eating a hot dog and wearing a “Goldwater in ’64” hat. The photo appeared in The Times on Sept. 17, 1963.

Getting his picture in the paper was “a big deal” in his family, Phelps recalled recently. His mother even made a plaque out of the clipping.

Today, Phelps is a special education teacher in Glendale. He lives in Castaic with his wife and their two sets of twins.

Once in a while, when he goes in his garage, Phelps sees something that reminds him of that day in 1963.

“I still have the hat,” he said.

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