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Peter Sellers leaves hospital after 1964 heart attack

Peter Sellers leaves hospital after 1964 heart attack

May 7, 1964: British actor Peter Sellers gets a hug from his wife, Britt Ekland, as he leaves Cedars of Lebanon Hospital after recovering from a heart attack.

Peter Sellers was just 38 and a fast-rising movie star when he suffered a heart attack in 1964 in his Beverly Hills home.

Doctors called the episode “quite serious.” Sellers spent about a month in the hospital.

Sellers had been working at United Artists on “Kiss Me, Stupid” with Dean Martin and Kim Novak for three weeks prior to the heart attack. He called the studio early on the day of the heart attack to say he was feeling ill, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Apparently he did not seek medical attention immediately, however, and several hours passed before he reached the hospital,” The Times said.

Sellers was a hot Hollywood actor at the time. “The Pink Panther,” the first in the series for which he would become famous, had been released in 1963, and “Dr. Strangelove,” the dark satire in which he notably played three roles, was released in January 1964.

Sellers had married Swedish actress Ekland, 21, just two months before the heart attack. On the day of the attack, she “remained at his bedside throughout the day,” The Times said.

Sellers died of another heart attack, in 1980, at 54.




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  1. April 1, 2016, 1:27 pm

    Sad story. But this indicates that also movie actors are just normal people like somebody else.

    By: Lana

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