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1984 Walter Mondale campaign stop

1984 Walter Mondale campaign stop

May 15, 1984: Democratic presidential candidate  Walter F. Mondale as he speaks at the Springfellow acid pits in Riverside County, with Secret Service men close by.

This photo by staff photographer Marsha Traeger was published in the May 16, 1984 Los Angeles Times. An accompanying campaign story by Los Angeles Times political writer Keith Love included:

Tuesday afternoon, Mondale visited the Springfellow acid pits in Riverside County, where tardy cleanup efforts under the Reagan Administration were a major factor leading to a shake-up of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mondale talked with residents of the area and announced his support for legislation that would reauthorize the “superfund” to clean up toxic wastes.

He said that “instead of cleaning up toxic dumps,” the Reagan Administration “is covering them up.” …

The Springfellow Acid Pits is a former toxic waste dump now managed by the California Department of Substances Control. In 1984, Rita Lavelle, Enviromental Protection Agency  Superfund director, was convicted of federal charges of perjury related to Superfund money.

In a major landslide, President Reagan beat Mondale in the 1984 presidential campaign.


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