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Know Your City, No. 73 – Memorial Coliseum

Know Your City, No. 73 – Memorial Coliseum

Jan. 25, 1956: Bruce Cox’s image of the Memorial Coliseum appeared in the Dec. 3, 1955, Los Angeles Times as part of the Know Your City photography series. The original caption reported:

KNOW YOUR CITY, NO. 73 – This is really too easy. Everyone should recognize this picture of one of Los Angeles’ most famed structures even if this is a different angle. People run in here. But they aren’t chasing trains. See Page 13, Part I.

ANSWER – Yep, you are right–it’s the inside of the peristyle at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Told you it was too easy. …

Below is a 1927 view of the Coliseum. The peristyle end is on the right.

Sept. 20, 1927: Aerial photo of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum filling up with spectators for welcome for aviator Charles Lindbergh. Credit: H. C. Anderson/Los Angeles Times.

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