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O.J. Simpson carries Olympic Torch

O.J. Simpson carries Olympic Torch

July 21, 1984: O. J. Simpson carries the Olympic Torch up the California Incline in Santa Monica. 

A cross-country relay brought the Olympic Torch to Los Angeles for the 1984 Games.

This photo by staff photographer Marsha Traeger appeared on Page 1 of the July 22, 1984, Los Angeles Times. Staff writers Peter H. King and Sandy Banks reported:

Seventy-five days after departing from New York City in a heavy rain, the Olympic Torch Relay arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday and played to the same kind of whooping, flag-waving crowds that have lined its serpentine course through 33 states, 1,100 cities and towns and countless country crossroads. …

The day’s run began in Malibu, where residents sipped coffee as the torch bearer passed. From there the relay worked its was down to coast to Santa Monica, where just before 10 a.m. a beaming O.J. Simpson carried the flame with a bounding stride up the steep California Incline to provide a fittingly dramatic entrance into greater Los Angeles. Hundreds of spectators formed a human pathway along the long hill from base to crest and cheered Simpson’s every step.

“It was great going up that hill,” he said later. “Every time I thought I was getting tired going up that hill, I would hear the crowd’s cheering and that would keep me going.” …

There were 148 runners during the day, and they ranged from Simpson to Mario Castillo, who was cheered on down Vine Street by other children from his orphanage. …

July 21, 1984: O. J. Simpson carries Olympic Torch up California Incline in Santa Monica. Photo by Marsha Traeger/Los Angeles Times.

July 21, 1984: O. J. Simpson, center, then 37, carries the Olympic Torch up the California Incline in Santa Monica on its way to L.A. Coliseum and the opening of the 1984 Games. (Photo by: Marsha Traeger / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA)

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  1. April 8, 2016, 1:32 am

    There’s always been something about the Californian Incline for me. Great and iconic stretch of road. Remember It’s a Mad, Mad Mad World. Al

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