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Know Your City, No. 21 – Hollywood American Legion Post

Know Your City, No. 21 – Hollywood American Legion Post

This image, part of the Know Your City photography series, appeared in the Dec. 8, 1955, Los Angeles Times. The original caption reported:

KNOW YOUR CITY, NO. 21 — Ha! Maybe this one will stop you. But look sharp and if you’ve been around, you’ll get it. What the camera has picked up is seen — but perhaps ignored — by thousands every day. On a busy street. Answer on Pg. 12, Pt. 2.

ANSWER — This was a little tricky, but you should have recognized the ornate entrance to the elaborate headquarters on N. Highland Ave., Hollywood of American Legion Post 43. There were lots of clues — shields of infantry divisions and even a portion of the Legion’s official seal down there at the bottom. Oh well, some people just won’t be observant. …

This previous From the Archives post: Hollywood American Legion building is dedicated, covered the 1929 opening of the building. The photo below is from that previous post.

Website for Hollywood American Legion Post 43.

July 4, 1929: American Leagon building in Hollywood dedicated. A similar photo ran in the July 5, 1929 Los Angeles Times.

July 4, 1929: American Legion building in Hollywood dedicated. A similar photo ran in the July 5, 1929, Los Angeles Times.

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