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Oral Roberts at Downey tent revival meeting

Oral Roberts at Downey tent revival meeting

Feb. 22, 1957: Evangelist Oral Roberts addresses the audience during a packed tent revival meeting in Downey.

Roberts’ stop in Downey was part of his “Million Soul Crusade” revival tour around the United States.

In the Sept. 28, 1957, Los Angeles Times, religion editor Dan L. Thrapp quoted Roberts:

“This is the biggest year I have ever had in America,” the 39-year-old revivalist said. He has been on the sawdust circuit for 11 years.

“I’m preaching to the largest crowds I’ve ever had,” he continued. “At Columbus, Ohio; Trenton, N.J.; Johnstown, Pa.; and here at Downey, the congregations have set one record after another.”

He will conclude a tent series at Firestone and Lakewood boulevards in Downey, with a giant rally at the Hollywood Bowl at 8 p.m. Monday. But despite the success of the Downey meetings, he would not predict the size of the Bowl attendance.

He attributes the increasing success of his meetings to his three years as an outstanding television evangelist but concedes that the generally improved atmosphere for his field, stemming in part from Billy Graham’s New York success, has helped.

Roberts died Dec. 15, 2009. The Los Angeles Times obituary is online: Oral Roberts dies at 91.

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