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LBJ makes 1960 campaign stop in Northridge

LBJ makes 1960 campaign stop in Northridge

Oct. 25, 1960: Sen. Lyndon Johnson addresses a crowd of 2,000 students at San Fernando State College (now Cal State Northridge) during a campaign stop.

Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Johnson was in the midst of a two-day campaign swing through Southern California that included the college stop.

A story in the Oct. 26, 1960, Los Angeles Times reported:

The students crowded before a speaker’s stand in the quad at the Northridge campus and hoisted placards that appeared to be about evenly divided between Kennedy-Johnson and Nixon-Lodge.

The students responded good-naturedly to Johnson’s jibes at Nixon, including his reference to the vice president as “that great mature high school debater.”

But when near the end of his 25-minute talk, Johnson raised the religious issue with mention of “vile literature” aimed at Sen. Kennedy’s faith, there were boos and cries of “no! no!” and “get off it.”

Johnson began his talk before the students by reading from a brief text, which included the remark that “politics does not need to be … a biting, slashing, personal attack upon the motives and the impulse of those who disagree with us.”

In a few minutes, however, he put his glasses in his coat pocket and talked off the cuff, assailing the Republican Party’s presentation of the vice president as a man of maturity and experience.

After this campaign stop in Northridge, Johnson headed to Long Beach. The next day, he campaigned in Sacramento.

This photo was published in the Oct. 26, 1960, Los Angeles Times.

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