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Gustave Tassell scoops Paris

Gustave Tassell scoops Paris

Jan. 31, 1972: Designer Gustave Tassell with models wearing new wider-legged pants. Left, white trouser pleated pants with yellow self-tied jacket. At right, same pants in black with white jacket.

This Larry Bessel photo appeared in the Feb. 2, 1972, edition of the Los Angeles Times. Fashion Editor Marylou Luther reported:

Without any spies in France, without even so much as a test tube in the so-called fashion laboratory of Paris couture, Los Angeles designer Gustave Tassell has managed to scoop the Paris biggies.

In his spring collection, which was presented to buyers in November and is currently being sold at I. Magnin, you can get all the major looks introduced last week in Paris except one–ruffles.

Wider-legged pantsuits with high waistbands and trouser pleating? Yes. Dresses with contrasting jackets? Yes. Suits? Yes. Toppers? Yes. Bare backs? Yes. Knee-hovering hemlines? Yes. Chemises? Yes.

Tassell’s own modest explanation of his Paris-seconded collection goes like this:

“The barriers have been broken. Women are no longer frightened. They know they can wear what they like. This is a setting-down period. We’ve had it all–mini, midi, fantasy, fad–and the classic, well-made look has survived.” …

For more on Gustave Tassell, check out his 2014 Los Angeles Times obituary.

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