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1965 color TV repairmen shortage

1965 color TV repairmen shortage

Dec. 15, 1965: Carl Duffy, lower right, president of Service Corp. of America, is seen with company technicians working on color television sets.

Booming sales of color TVs are accompanied by a related problem — a shortage of trained repairmen. Staff writer Thomas W. Bush explained in a Dec. 19, 1965, Los Angeles Times story. Here are some excerpts:

… Industry estimates of deliveries of color TV sets this year range between 2.4 million and 2.5 million, up from 1.4 million in 1964. Next year, they’re projected at 4.5 million.

Southern California is said to account for 10% of this market. The area represents the Number 1 market in the United States, it’s said.

And managers of service organizations in Los Angeles say they can’t find enough qualified servicemen to take care of the color TV sets presently here.

One problem is, color sets are much more complicated than black and white.

“A color TV set is the closest thing to a computer you can have in your living room,” says Laurence Conroy, general manager and vice president of Universal TV, a big independent home appliance service company based here. …

And there simply aren’t enough servicemen to go around, service companies say. …

Carl Duffy, president of American Service Corp., a recently founded independent service organization which is already heavily involved in color TV installation and maintenance, started his business with a built-in classroom to train hires. …

There are three electronic guns in a color TV set, Duffy of American Service says. They must be adjusted and fine-tuned in such a way that the electron beams will strike colored spots on the inside of the front of the tube. These beams, when blended, produce the color image.

But if any or all of the guns gets out of line, the color goes blooey, Duffy explains.

Frequently, Duffy says, servicemen are called to the house, mostly by new owners, because of what he calls “pilot error.” It’s simply a matter of fine-tuning. ….

This photo by John Malmin accompanied Bush’s story in the Dec. 19, 1965, Los Angeles Times.

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