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Barbra Streisand borrows telephoto lens during Bee Gees concert

Barbra Streisand borrows telephoto lens during Bee Gees concert

July 7, 1979: Actress Barbra Streisand borrows a telephoto lens for a closeup look during a Bee Gees concert at Dodger Stadium.  

Set up on the Dodgers Stadium center field, the concert stage faced home plate. An article in the July 9, 1979, Los Angeles Times reported Streisand, along with singer Olivia Newton-John, had seats in the left field stands near the stage.

Former Los Angeles Times staff photographer George Rose reports:

There was a large contingent of celebrities and other VIPs sitting in a section of the stands in left field and just off where the stage was set-up. I had a 400mm set up on a tripod to get some side views.

She just walked up and introduced herself (I knew who she was) and asked to look through the camera. It was kinda funny and drew a crowd. I managed to snap a few shots for posterity.

This photo appeared in the July 9, 1979, Los Angeles Times.

George Rose’s Bee Gees concert photos are in this previous From the Archives blog post: The Bee Gees at Dodger Stadium.


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