‘Boy Watcher’ sunglasses from 1965 are billed as perfect for ogling

Lynn Grossman, left, and Sue Manders try out the “Boy Watcher” glasses, which may look like accessories for outer space, but in reality double as headbands and “specs” that allow young women to stare discreetly at young men.

This Harry Chase photo appeared in the Feb. 20, 1965, edition of the Los Angeles Times. In an accompanying article, writer Julie Byrne reported:

Girl watchers have been an accepted part of the scene for many a moon — and many a sunny day at the beach. And dedicated watchers have used many a ruse to bring their avocation to full completion.

Well, [turnabout is] fair play. No longer are the girls just the supine subject of watching. A tricky little gadget allows them to actively join in the sport and still retain more than a modicum of modesty.

A bright plastic band,  aptly named the “Boy Watcher,” allows a girl to look at boys — and no one is the wiser. A tiny arc of dark glass cuts through the center of the plastic band, leaving a see-through slit.

When not used as glasses, it doubles as a hair holder. Just slip it up over the forehead and unruly locks stay in place. When the quarry comes into view, just pull it casually over the eyes and stare to your heart’s content — he won’t even know you see him.