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1969 storm fills Los Angeles River

1969 storm fills Los Angeles River

Jan. 25, 1969: Waves and rushing water fill the Los Angeles River at the Los Feliz Bridge during storm that dropped over five inches of rain. Griffith Park is in the background.

Staff writer Ted Thackrey Jr. reported in the Jan. 26, 1969 Los Angeles Times:

The worst floods in 31 years hit Southern California as a double-barreled storm continued for the 8th straight day, leaving at least 82 persons dead, 2 missing and property damage estimated at more than $15 million.

At least 34 persons have been killed since the storm went into its second phase on Thursday–9 of the buried alive when mudslides invaded their homes–and whole communities were cut off by flood control waters.

Authorities in the area estimated more than 6,000 persons evacuated from danger areas as severe flooding hit cities from Fresno in the north to San Juan Capistrano in the south. …

This photo was published in the Jan. 26, 1969 Los Angeles Times.

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  1. December 15, 2016, 8:50 am

    I was 7 years old then, living in Los Angeles County and I remember being stuck inside for that entire week!

    By: Linda Lou

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