New Year calendar toss

Dec. 31, 1986: Vacationing students reach for calendar pages that were thrown from a building on Wilshire; some believe it brings good luck to catch the page with your birthday on it.

For years, downtown Los Angeles office workers tossed their desk calendars out the window. The unofficial New Year calendar toss occurred around noon on the last work day of the year.

Here are three calendar-toss images from the Los Angeles Times archives.

Dec. 29, 1972: Mindy Castruita, a secretary at Pacific Clearing Corp., joins workers in celebrating the end of work for 1971 by tossing out calendar pages. The street below is 5th near Spring Street. Credit: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times.

Dec. 31, 1968: Pages from desk calendars float after being tossed out of windows on 4th Street between Spring and Main in downtown Los Angeles. Credit: Frank Q. Brown / Los Angeles Times.