New Year’s Eve celebrations in Los Angeles

Here’s some From the Archives images of previous New Year’s Eve celebrations in Los Angeles. Of course, for years the biggest event was on Broadway in downtown L.A.

A story in the Jan. 1, 1941, Los Angeles Times reported:

Broadway between Third and Ninth Sts. became a moving, milling mass of humanity last night as an estimated half a million persons filled the metropolitan canyon with noise and revelry.

Untold thousands jammed the thoroughfare and broke the silent night with rejoicing at the new year — 1941.

Although the great mobile throng was generally well behaved, previous warnings against confetti and serpentine throwing — against city ordinances — were disregarded. …

The New Year’s Eve Broadway celebrations ended in the early 1950s. In a Jan. 8, 2006, story, staff writer Cecilia Rasmussen reported that the parties were “a tradition that died in the 1950s when L.A. had spawned suburbs and Broadway had lost its luster as a prime entertainment and shopping district.”

Rasmussen’s full story 1st New Year’s Blast Was Late is online.