Hynes becomes Paramount

Dec. 29, 1947: W.T. Price, left, traffic manager of Union Pacific Railroad, and C.R. Stewart, station agent, watch workmen replace sign “Hynes” with new sign “Paramount” as community takes on new name.

This photo accompanied a short story in the Dec. 30, 1947 Los Angeles Times that began:

HYNES, Dec. 29––This dairy community will mark its 50th year with a new name on Jan. 1.

Named Hynes as a tribute to the superintendent of the old Terminal Railroad which traveled from Los Angeles to Terminal Island back at the turn of the century, the town has carried its name since 1898. Thursday it officially becomes “Paramount.”

In anticipation of the change Union Pacific officials today tore down the old name which has identified the railroad station and replaced it with a brand new sign. …