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Framework, the photography and video blog of the Los Angeles Times, celebrates the power and explores the craft of visual storytelling. The blog highlights the work of Times photojournalists who, frame by frame, document the drama, the emotion and sometimes the humor of life. Framework also aims to serve as a resource hub for photography, multimedia and video enthusiasts who share our passion. We will trade insights and discuss the tools and techniques of telling stories through images.

Here a few tips for navigating the site and some answers to frequently asked questions.

•From the Archives: Historic photographs from The Times.

•Learn & Discover: Techniques and approaches from Times photographers and editors. Equipment tips and product reviews. And interesting projects from other newpapers, magazines and websites. Have a technical question, idea or suggestion for a review. Please send us an email.

•Best of the Web: Weekly feature on Dynamic finds on the world wide web.

•Save the Date: An events calendar of things to check out. Have an event you’d like listed on the site? Please send us an email.

•Pictures in the News: A rich look at the visual world around us.

•Our Work: A collection of work produced by the visual staff of the Los Angeles Times.

•Who We Are: Portfolios and bios from our staff photojournalists.

3rd Party Submissions:

Framework accepts post submissions of your original photographic and video work on this Los Angeles Times site.  Please send your hi resolution images and/or video with a description of your work to By providing your material for posting, you agree to the Terms of Service, including but not limited to the Third Party Content obligations contained therein, linked here.

Comments and User Content FAQs

Q. What are your terms of use?
A. If you are under 13 years of age, you may read our message boards but you may not participate. Here are the full legal terms you agree to when adding content to our site.

Q. Is registration necessary?
A. Users are required to register on the site in order to comment on stories or rate content. Users can register by selecting the register link, which is located at the top of every page.

Q. Do I need to be logged in to comment?
A. Yes, only registered users can comment on articles, photos, graphics and most other content. Registered users will be prompted to log in before a comment can be posted to the site. You do not need to be registered to comment on our blogs.

Q. What is your site’s commenting policy?
A. Any decisions as to whether User Content violates any Posting Rule will be made by in its sole discretion and after we have actual notice of such posting. When you provide User Content, you agree to the following Posting Rules:

* If the photo or video depicts any children under the age of 13, you affirm that you have written permission from the child’s parent or guardian to provide the photo or video.
* Do not provide User Content that:
* contains copyrighted or other proprietary material of any kind without the express permission of the owner of that material.
* contains vulgar, profane, abusive, racist or hateful language or expressions, epithets or slurs, text, photographs or illustrations in poor taste, inflammatory attacks of a personal, racial or religious nature.
* is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual or community.
* contains abusive, off-topic or foul language
* violates any right of or any third party.
* discriminates on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability, or refers to such matters in any manner prohibited by law.
* violates or encourages the violation of any municipal, state, federal or international law, rule, regulation or ordinance.
* solicitations and/or advertising spam;
* attacks that celebrate the death, injury or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise.


If you believe that we have made an error, or you have questions about any other elements of this blog please contact The Times’ Blog Editor.

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