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DC-3 over Hoover Dam
  • Los Angeles Times

DC-3 over Hoover Dam

Posted On: 12:40 a.m. | November 20, 2014

United Airlines-Western Air Express DC-3 aircraft over Hoover Dam. View Post»

Tippi Hedren and Pharaoh
  • Larry Bessel / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Tippi Hedren and Pharaoh

Posted On: 12:07 a.m. | November 19, 2014

Actress Tippi Hedren relaxes at home with pet cheetah, Pharaoh. View Post»

Deer in Griffith Park
  • Con Keyes / Los Angeles Times

Deer in Griffith Park

Posted On: 12:25 a.m. | November 18, 2014

Deer living in Griffith Park. View Post»

Firefighters engulfed in flames after DC-6 crash
  • Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

Firefighters engulfed in flames after DC-6 crash

Posted On: 12:13 a.m. | November 14, 2014

Firemen working to rescue three man crew from crashed DC-6 on golf course near Van Nuys Airport are engulfed in flames. View Post»

Disney's Tower of the Four Winds
  • Frank Q. Brown / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Disney’s Tower of the Four Winds

Posted On: 12:10 a.m. | November 13, 2014

Disney's Tower of Four Winds mobile sits in yard of its builder Zeon Corporation in Los Angeles. View Post»

Los Angeles Chargers' coaching staff in 1960
  • Vic Stein and Associates / Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers’ coaching staff in 1960

Posted On: 12:06 a.m. | November 7, 2014

Los Angeles Chargers coaching staff moved into new offices at 1017 La Brea. View Post»

Marilyn Monroe fined $55
  • Los Angeles Times

Marilyn Monroe fined $55

Posted On: 12:12 a.m. | November 5, 2014

Marilyn Monroe, followed by photographers, at Beverly Hills Municipal Court to dispose of outstanding traffic ticket. View Post»

Earth, Wind and Fire 1981 concert
  • Tony Barnard / Los Angeles Times

Earth, Wind and Fire 1981 concert

Posted On: 12:11 a.m. | November 4, 2014

Earth, Wind & Fire in 1981 concert at the Forum. View Post»

Pasadena matron gathers 600 dolls for children's Christmas
  • Jean Kentle / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Pasadena matron gathers 600 dolls for children’s Christmas

Posted On: 12:24 a.m. | November 3, 2014

Harriet A. McCabe poses with a few examples of her doll clown circus collection. View Post»

In 1978, Mina Yaroslavsky joined the L.A. City Council
  • Larry Sharkey / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

In 1978, Mina Yaroslavsky joined the L.A. City Council

Posted On: 12:18 a.m. | October 31, 2014

Mina, 10 months, sits on lap of her father, Los Angeles City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky, during long meeting at City Hall. View Post»

Accident leaves car sitting on guardrail
  • Frank Q. Brown / Los Angeles Times

Accident leaves car sitting on guardrail

Posted On: 12:19 a.m. | October 28, 2014

Driver Martha Sue McCown, 18, checks out damage after accident left the vehicle sitting on guard rail. View Post»

'Just One More' photo exhibit opens
  • Scott Harrison / Los Angeles Times

‘Just One More’ photo exhibit opens

Posted On: 5:50 p.m. | October 25, 2014

"Just One More" photo exhibit opens in Alhambra. View Post»

Iowa state picnics in Los Angeles County
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Iowa state picnics in Los Angeles County

Posted On: 12:15 a.m. | October 24, 2014

Iowa state picnics in Southern California. View Post»

Echo Park Lake
  • Ken Lubas / Los Angeles Times

Echo Park Lake

Posted On: 12:14 a.m. | October 23, 2014

Echo Park Lake looking toward downtown at daybreak, 1999. View Post»

New paper recycling wagon for Uncle Willie
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

New paper recycling wagon for Uncle Willie

Posted On: 12:26 a.m. | October 22, 2014

William "Uncle Willie" Adams, a 97 year old Civil War veteran, is presented with a new wagon by city officials and Mayor W.L. Hale, left, in Fullerton, Calif. View Post»

1936 aerial view of Long Beach
  • Spence Air Photos

1936 aerial view of Long Beach

Posted On: 12:16 a.m. | October 21, 2014

1936 aerial photo of downtown Long Beach. View Post»


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