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1933 swimsuit ordinance in 1964
  • John Malmin / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

1933 swimsuit ordinance in 1964

Posted On: 12:52 a.m. | August 16, 2012

1933 Redondo Beach ordinance may be used to ban 1964 topless swimwear. View Post»

Magic Mountain's Colossus under construction [updated]
  • Joe Kennedy / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Magic Mountain’s Colossus under construction [updated]

Posted On: 12:38 a.m. | August 15, 2012

Rightly named the Colossus, this granddaddy of all roller coasters is nearing completion at the Magic Mountain amusement park at Valencia View Post»

Two big wheels in the world of humor
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Two big wheels in the world of humor

Posted On: 7:01 a.m. | August 14, 2012

Dick and Tom Smothers play around on kiddy transportation for Times photographer to promote their upcoming appearance at Melodyland with Pat Boone. View Post»

Mobile banking in 1967
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Mobile banking in 1967

Posted On: 12:51 a.m. | August 13, 2012

Branch manager Richard D. Ayers unfurls flag during opening of mobile Bank of American branch in West Covina. View Post»

Muhammad Ali Day
  • Fitzgerald Whitney / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Muhammad Ali Day

Posted On: 12:30 a.m. | August 10, 2012

Mayor Tom Bradley (left) and Muhammad Ali laugh it up following Mayor's presentation of proclamation naming Sept. 6 "Muhammad Ali Day" in the City of Los Angeles, following his retirement from boxing. View Post»

Babe Didrikson Zaharias leads tournament
  • Ed Maloney / Associated Press

Babe Didrikson Zaharias leads tournament

Posted On: 12:35 a.m. | August 9, 2012

Babe Didrikson Zaharias balances on one foot urging golf ball into 18th green cup at end of the 2nd round of the All American Women's Open. View Post»

The crew of '32
  • Wide World Photos

The crew of ’32

Posted On: 12:46 a.m. | August 7, 2012

The California Bears crew wins the Olympics Men's Eights rowing gold medal at the Long Beach Marine Stadium beating by inches the Italian crew from the University of Pisa. View Post»

Rafer Johnson and C.K. Yang
  • Bob Potwin / Los Angeles Times

Rafer Johnson and C.K. Yang

Posted On: 12:12 a.m. | August 6, 2012

Rafer Johnson, with barbell, and C.K. Yang, kneeling, record breakers in the Olympic decathlon tryouts, demonstrate physical fitness methods to some 900 Boy Scouts taking part in two-day Camporee at UCLA athletic field. View Post»

1952 Olympic Telethon
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

1952 Olympic Telethon

Posted On: 12:38 a.m. | August 3, 2012

Three old friends, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope at table and Dorothy Lamour at microphone, lead 14 1/2 hour Olympic Telethon that received more than $1,000,000 in pledges for the U.S. Olympic team. View Post»

Mark Spitz's show business debut
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Mark Spitz’s show business debut

Posted On: 7:02 a.m. | August 2, 2012

Mark Spitz, Olympic swimming champion, makes his show business debut with the Mike Curb Congregation at Magic Mountain. View Post»

Valerie Brisco-Hooks back with the gold
  • Penni Gladstone / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Valerie Brisco-Hooks back with the gold

Posted On: 12:28 a.m. | August 1, 2012

Triple winner Valerie Brisco-Hooks shows off her Olympic medals to students and staff at West Athens School in South Los Angeles. View Post»

Mary Lou Retton, Doug Flutie and Bob Hope
  • Scott Flynn / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Mary Lou Retton, Doug Flutie and Bob Hope

Posted On: 12:43 a.m. | July 31, 2012

Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie and Bob Hope hoist Olympic gymnastics champion Mary Lou Retton while taping Hope's Dec. 16 Christmas TV show. View Post»

Gold for the math teacher
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Gold for the math teacher

Posted On: 12:21 a.m. | July 30, 2012

Mike Larrabee, left, winner of two Gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, receives award from Kirk Roth, student body president at Monroe High School. View Post»

1961 parking woes at UCLA
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

1961 parking woes at UCLA

Posted On: 12:55 a.m. | July 27, 2012

After all the effort finding a parking spot, UCLA student Mary Ann Harmon, a business major, later can't locate her car in one of the university's packed parking lots. View Post»

Battling polio outbreak
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Battling polio outbreak

Posted On: 12:44 a.m. | July 26, 2012

Mobile crew sprays cloud of insect killing DDT in alleys of Santa Monica following outbreak of polio. View Post»

Dr. Tolman and professor Einstein
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Dr. Tolman and professor Einstein

Posted On: 12:11 a.m. | July 25, 2012

Dr. Richard C. Tolman, left, and Prof. Albert Einstein standing in front of blackboard at California Institute of Technology. Dr. Tolman led a seminar at Cal Tech for over 50 scientists. View Post»


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