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Final companions for the dying

Final companions for the dying

Posted On: 5:26 p.m. | July 4, 2012

Two years ago, the Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance started a volunteer-based program that tries to ensure its dying patients are not left alone in their hospital rooms. The program has trained more than 30 volunteers, who when the call goes out, sign up and sit with patients who either have no families or whose families are unable to take time to be at the hospital. Barbara... View Post»

The Legacy of the Midway

Video: The Legacy of the Midway

Posted On: 9:04 a.m. | July 4, 2012

Retired Navy Capt. Joe Brantuas tells the story of the Midway, an aircraft carrier that's been turned into a museum in San Diego. Capt. Brantuas, who has made more than 100 carrier landings on the Midway, volunteers at the museum every Saturday. Related: Video: Battleship Iowa Battleship Iowa 360° tour Photos: Battleship Iowa View Post»

Battleship Iowa

Video: Battleship Iowa

Posted On: 8:55 a.m. | July 4, 2012

The Iowa battleship has been moved to the Port of Los Angeles to serve as a floating museum in San Pedro. Read Steve Chawkins' article: Warship museums are not assured victory as tourist draws RELATED: Video: Aircraft carrier Midway Battleship Iowa 360° tour Photos: Battleship Iowa View Post»

San Pedro reinvents itself

Revival of the San Pedro waterfront

Posted On: 7:16 a.m. | July 1, 2012

For years, officials in San Pedro have tried to spruce up the Port of Los Angeles by adding parks, trails and fountains along the water’s edge. But it was rarely enough to entice Angelenos to make the trek down to the southern tip of the county. This summer, the community is hoping that its fortunes are about to change. The arrival of the Iowa, a former World War II battleship turned... View Post»

X Games 2012 in Los Angeles

Video: X Games 2012 in Los Angeles

Posted On: 2:49 p.m. | June 28, 2012

Athletes gathered on the Event Deck at L.A. Live on Tuesday and Wednesday to practice for the X Games 2012. X Games in photos View Post»

X Games Los Angeles 2012

X Games Los Angeles 2012

Posted On: 5:42 p.m. | June 27, 2012

About 200 athletes will compete in the X Games Los Angeles 2012 starting on Thursday which features sports including: skateboard big air, BMX street, Moto X, rally cross, and skateboard street. View Post»

Skylar Peak, electrician, surfer, youngest Malibu city councilman

Skylar Peak: Electrician, surfer, youngest Malibu city councilman

Posted On: 4:18 p.m. | June 21, 2012

Skylar Peak, 28, became the youngest person ever elected to Malibu's City Council in April. He garnered the most votes among seven candidates, nabbing 24% of the total, and could well become mayor in a year. View Post»

Clean-up effort on Skid Row

Cleanup effort on skid row

Posted On: 10:34 p.m. | June 19, 2012

The city of Los Angeles launched a major street and sidewalk cleaning program on skid row in response to public health concerns in the poverty-stricken neighborhood. View Post»

Marijuana money

Medical marijuana money

Posted On: 6:25 p.m. | June 16, 2012

An entrepreneur looking to open a new marijuana store in downtown Los Angeles envisioned his business model in simple terms. He would buy bags of buds from growers for about $3,200 a pound, divvy up the product and sell it over the counter for $15 for a gram – more than twice what he paid. Since even small dispensaries often sold a pound a day, he expected to make at least $3,000 a day in... View Post»

New bells finally give Santa Barbara courthouse a peal

New bells give Santa Barbara courthouse a ring of authenticity

Posted On: 3:47 p.m. | June 16, 2012

Volunteers restoring the grand old clock at the city landmark made some surprising discoveries en route to replacing a tinkle with a peal. Read the story by Steve Chawkins. View Post»

Reaction to President Obama's decision to halt the deportation of young illegal immigrants

Young illegal immigrants react to Obama administration decision

Posted On: 5:37 p.m. | June 15, 2012

The Obama administration will stop deporting young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and who do not pose a security threat, senior administration officials said Friday. The move could prove important in a presidential campaign that will turn in part on Latino voters. More than 150 students and Dream Act supporters rallied in front of a federal office building in downtown... View Post»

Living with a secret
  • Arkasha Stevenson / Los Angeles Times

Living with a secret

Posted On: 8:08 p.m. | June 14, 2012

Amber, a soft-spoken, feminine 12-year-old who loves Hello Kitty and fashion design, lives with a secret. Amber was born a boy. View Post»

Kings parade and rally

Los Angeles crowns its Kings with parade and rally

Posted On: 11:41 a.m. | June 14, 2012

Kings fans gear up for parade and rally honoring the Stanley Cup champions in downtown Los Angeles. View Post»

Kings win Stanley Cup

Kings win the Stanley Cup

Posted On: 8:00 p.m. | June 11, 2012

Kings win the Stanley Cup with a 6-1 victory in Game 6. View Post»

Owens Valley dust

Dust in the Owens Valley reignites L.A.’s water war

Posted On: 9:50 p.m. | June 9, 2012

Los Angeles and the Owens Valley are at war over water again, with the city trying to rework a historic agreement aimed at stopping massive dust storms that have besieged the eastern Sierra Nevada since L.A. opened an aqueduct 99 years ago that drained Owens Lake. The L.A. Department of Water and Power has spent $1.2 billion in accordance with a 1997 agreement to combat the powder-fine dust... View Post»

Undocumented dreamers
  • Christina House / For the Times

Undocumented dreamers

Posted On: 11:11 a.m. | June 8, 2012

Maria Gomez, a UCLA graduate with a master's in architecture, grew up believing in the American Dream while living in its shadows as an illegal immigrant. View Post»


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