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Mexican Navy on patrol for smugglers

Mexican navy on patrol for smugglers

Posted On: 7:44 p.m. | March 24, 2011

Smugglers are launching more immigrant-filled boats than ever before toward California - about one every three days - and taking extraordinary, sometimes dangerous, measures to evade U.S. and Mexican patrols. Times photographer Bob Chamberlin rode along with the Mexican Navy on patrol off the coast of Ensenada. Here's a look at that those images. Read Richard Marosi's story View Post»

Rebel prison in Libya

Journalists visit prisoners held by rebels in Libya

Posted On: 3:37 p.m. | March 23, 2011

By Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times Western and Arab journalists were taken by bus today to a location in Benghazi where men accused of fighting on the side of dictator Moammar Kadafi are currently imprisoned. In a scene out of the movies about the dreaded penal colonies of French Guyana, some 50 Libyan and African men sat quietly against the high walls of a sun-drenched concrete prison... View Post»

Earthquake sensors

Monitoring the San Andreas for the Big One

Posted On: 8:33 p.m. | March 22, 2011

One of the most seismically active -- and geologically complex --  regions of the country, if not the continent, is a triangle of land extending from Palm Springs to the Gulf of California. Most people know of this region for the Salton Sea, that brackish backwater in the desert, but that's man-made. It's the natural forces here that interest scientists most. Just three days after the... View Post»

Spring Storm rolls through Southland

Spring storm rolls through Southland

Posted On: 1:32 p.m. | March 21, 2011

The first days of spring in Southern California brought a winter-like storm, with snow in the mountains and cold rain inundating many areas. The grapevine was closed briefly, trees toppled onto cars and a "slipout" of earth beside Ortega Highway, 14 miles east of Interstate 5, undermined a 40-foot length of guardrail and asphalt curb. View Post»

Los Angeles Marathon 2011

Los Angeles Marathon 2011

Posted On: 1:00 p.m. | March 20, 2011

On a wet and rainy Sunday, Markos Geneti set a new record in winning the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon. Buzanesh Deba of Ethiopia was the top-finishing woman in the event, whose course ran from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. Check out the photographs by the Los Angeles Times photographers. View Post»

Photographer's journey out of Libya

A photographer’s journey from Libya back to Egypt

Posted On: 7:12 p.m. | March 18, 2011

When you no longer flinch at the sound of gunfire, even as it thunders just a few inches away, you kind of get the feeling that it's time to go. “You are not even scared,” said my driver Ali, shaking his head. “They are shooting very close and you don't jump.” View Post»

Celegrations in Tobruk, Libya

Rebels celebrate U.N. Security Council no-fly vote in Tobruk, Libya

Posted On: 10:27 p.m. | March 17, 2011

By Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times I was watching the news in my hotel room, but my mind was on the trip out of Libya tomorrow. Times reporters Jeffrey Fleishman, David Zucchino and I had made the long trek from Benghazi to Tobruk on our way to Egypt. In the wake of news that four New York Times journalists were missing in action, we got orders to leave the country immediately. But on... View Post»

400 lb Marathoner

400-pound marathoner

Posted On: 7:52 p.m. | March 17, 2011

With a trace of humor and no small amount of pride, Kelly Gneiting, 40, calls himself the Fat Man. He weighs 405 pounds. Even so, he is an athlete, and he is hardly shy about saying how good he is. “I honestly think I’m one of the best athletes in the world,” he says. The Fat Man is a three-time national champion sumo wrestler. Now he has willed himself into something far more unlikely:... View Post»

The story behind the picture: Jay L. Clendenin photographing Matthew McConaughey

The story behind the pictures: Jay L. Clendenin photographing Matthew McConaughey

Posted On: 3:24 p.m. | March 17, 2011

Photographer Jay L. Clendenin shares the approach and experience of photographing Michael Connelly and Matthew McConaughey. View Post»

Libya by Sinco

Journalists plan exit as rebellion in Libya collapses

Posted On: 4:15 p.m. | March 15, 2011

Times staff photographer Luis Sinco has been in Libya for about three weeks working in rebel-held areas. He filed this report about the situation in Benghazi as he packed for his departure tomorrow. View Post»

Libya rebels turn on foreign journalists

Rebels in Libya no longer welcome journalists as tide turns against them

Posted On: 10:08 p.m. | March 13, 2011

By Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times I literally shot from the hip at the front lines Sunday. I had no other choice and did not raise the camera to my eye as retreating rebels abruptly turned their wrath on members of the Western media covering the nearly month-long Libyan uprising. Amid the chaos and panic at the gates of Ajdabiya, rebel fighters immediately singled me out — telling me in... View Post»

Journalists tour Zawiya, Libyan rebels retreat in east

Journalist tour a battlefield in Libya, rebels retreat in the east

Posted On: 3:30 p.m. | March 11, 2011

Times photographer Rick Loomis and Luis Sinco are in Libya covering the conflict. Sinco is in rebel-held territory in the east and Loomis is with a government-sponsored tour of journalists in the west. Loomis filed this report about his day visiting Zawiya, near Tripoli, days after heavy fighting there: On Friday two buses and a few vans full of journalists were taken about 30 miles west of... View Post»


Rebels retreat from pro-Kadafi forces in Libya

Posted On: 4:31 p.m. | March 10, 2011

Times photographers Luis Sinco and Rick Loomis are in Libya covering the conflict. Loomis is with  a government-sponsored tour in the capital, Tripoli. Sinco is working in rebel-held territory in eastern Libya and filed this report after witnessing their retreat farther east: Few things look so forlorn as an army in retreat. After a week of fierce fighting against forces loyal to Libyan... View Post»

Libya: International Women's Day in Libya

Thousand attend International Women’s Day rally in Libya

Posted On: 5:37 p.m. | March 9, 2011

Thousands of women marched through the streets of Benghazi on Wednesday to rally in front of the courthouse for an event commemorating International Women's Day. View Post»

Twins celebrate 100th birthday

100-year-old twins inseparable and best friends

Posted On: 5:36 p.m. | March 8, 2011

Times photographer Mel Melcon had been wanting to photograph a pair of 100-year-old identical twin sisters, Venice Shaw and Inez Harries, but because of a mix-up, the assignment was given to another photographer. Discouraged at first, Melcon later found out that the sisters were being thrown a party for their 100th birthday by family members at Inez's church. This was a chance to get them... View Post»

Massive fish die-off in King Harbor

Massive fish die-off in King Harbor Marina

Posted On: 2:21 p.m. | March 8, 2011

Redondo Beach officials said initial assessments suggest oxygen depletion in the King Harbor basins caused the massive fish die-off. "Every indication is that this is a naturally occurring event," a state Fish and Game official said. "It’s just a mess. It's going to smell for a while, but the city's doing a great job with the cleanup." More on the story here. View Post»


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