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Best of the Web: The best of the best from 2013

Best of the Web: The best of the best from 2013

Posted On: 6:24 p.m. | January 7, 2014

The best of the best in photography View Post»

Pictures in the News | Jan. 7, 2014
  • Melanie Maxwell / Ann Arbor (Mich.) News

Pictures in the News | Jan. 7, 2014

Posted On: 10:15 a.m. | January 7, 2014

In Tuesday's Pictures in the News, Florida State players celebrate with fans after beating Auburn, 34-31, in the 2014 BCS Championship game at the Rose Bowl. Long Beach: A gray whale breeches off the coast of Long Beach, much to the delight of whale watchers aboard the Christopher. The number of gray whales spotted migrating south off the California coast in December was double what it was... View Post»

Dramatic ending to BCS finale at Rose Bowl

Dramatic ending to BCS finale at Rose Bowl

Posted On: 8:39 a.m. | January 7, 2014

Florida State beats Auburn, 34-31, in national championship game that marks the end of the Bowl Championship Series after 16 years. View Post»

Indonesia's Mt. Sinabung continues to spew ash
  • Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung continues to spew ash

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | January 7, 2014

Authorities have extended a danger zone around a rumbling volcano in western Indonesia after it spewed blistering gas farther than expected, forcing panicked residents to flee down the sides of the mountain. View Post»

L.A. Rams beat Cleveland Browns for 1951 championship
  • Art Rogers / Los Angeles Times

L.A. Rams beat Cleveland Browns for 1951 championship

Posted On: 12:07 a.m. | January 7, 2014

Coach Joe Stydahar and members of the Los Angeles Rams celebrate winning the National Football League Championship 24-17 over the Cleveland Browns in game at the Coliseum. View Post»

On the scene at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

On the scene at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Posted On: 8:28 p.m. | January 6, 2014

The Palm Springs International Film Festival gala or, as Tom Hanks called it, "This little, intimate, Sonny Bono rec-room chicken dinner get-together for two-and-a-half-thousand people," took place Saturday night. Meryl Streep picked up an award. So did Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Bruce Dern and Matthew McConaughey, among others. And though they were all seated within a few feet of... View Post»

Reader photos: Best of Southern California moments for December 2013
  • Kevin Balluff

Reader photos: Best of Southern California moments for December 2013

Posted On: 12:01 p.m. | January 6, 2014

It's hard to believe that this latest set wraps up the third year of Southern California Moments. One of my favorite parts about working on the series is seeing all the different approaches and methods used to make photographs. Today, this process is simplified as apps and filters can be used to mimic effects from film that has been aged 20 years, or with a tilt-shift lens, the price of which... View Post»

Pictures in the News | Jan. 6, 2014
  • Mike Yoder / The Journal-World

Pictures in the News | Jan. 6, 2014

Posted On: 8:58 a.m. | January 6, 2014

Monday's Pictures in the News begins in the Midwest, where temperatures were 22 below zero with a -50 windchill in Bismarck, N.D., creating Sundogs, a ring of light visible around the sun or moon when light is refracted through ice crystals in the atmosphere, along Highway 83 north of Bismark. The coldest weather in two decades began to settle over the Midwest, prompting officials to warn of... View Post»


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