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Pictures in the News | July 9, 2012
  • Shannon Jensen / Associated Press

Pictures in the News | July 9, 2012

Posted On: 9:35 a.m. | July 9, 2012

Pictures in the News from around the world. View Post»

School's out, but no summer for 'Our Gang'
  • Los Angeles Times

School’s out, but no summer for ‘Our Gang’

Posted On: 12:36 a.m. | July 9, 2012

School year ends for the "Our Gang" child actors, but the filming continues. View Post»

The Week in Pictures | July 2 – 8, 2012

The Week in Pictures | July 2 – 8, 2012

Posted On: 1:30 p.m. | July 6, 2012

The Week in Pictures from around the world. View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 6, 2012
  • CESAR MANSO / AFP / Getty Images

Pictures in the News | July 6, 2012

Posted On: 8:43 a.m. | July 6, 2012

Pictures in the News from around the world. View Post»

Escaping Cycles
  • Karen Farfan

Escaping Cycles

Posted On: 7:00 a.m. | July 6, 2012

Welcome to Multimedia U., an occasional feature showcasing the work of students and emerging visual journalists. Escaping Cycles by Karen Farfan shares the stories of female victims who grew up in violent homes then later became the aggressors. These survivors recount their traumas and warn young girls to not enter gangs. View Post»

Best of the Web

Best of the Web

Posted On: 8:51 p.m. | July 5, 2012

Best of the Web is a roundup of photography, video and multimedia from around the web. View Post»

Pacific Electric Subway opens
  • Los Angeles Times

Pacific Electric Subway opens

Posted On: 11:51 a.m. | July 5, 2012

During opening celebrations, this horse-drawn car, flooded with officials and guests, made the trip through the new Pacific Electric Subway. View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 5, 2012

Pictures in the News | July 5, 2012

Posted On: 10:34 a.m. | July 5, 2012

In Thursday's "Pictures in the News": People stand on the promenade along the Arabian Sea as high-tide water splashes them in Mumbai, India; Competitors sail in a yacht race around  Lake Balaton in Balatonfured, Hungary; Nearly 50 balloons from all over Europe participate in the European Balloon Festival in Igualada, Spain; Fireworks light up the sky around Los Angeles (more photos). And... View Post»


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