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Kenya’s Dandora Municipal Dump Site
  • Micah Albert

Kenya’s Dandora Municipal Dump Site

Posted On: 10:44 a.m. | May 10, 2012

Kenya’s Dandora Municipal Dump Site is the only dumping location for waste in Nairobi, East Africa’s most populous city, and serves as a provocative starting point for understanding the growing health, poverty and sanitation problems facing the rapidly expanding capital and region. View Post»

Pictures in the News | May 10, 2012

Pictures in the News | May 10, 2012

Posted On: 9:25 a.m. | May 10, 2012

In Thursday's Pictures in the News: The Olympic flame is lit in a ceremony at the  Hera Temple in Olympia, Greece, and is handed over to the first torch-bearer, Greek world champion swimmer Spyros Gianniotis, beginning its 1,800-mile journey to London; In Damascus, Syria, two powerful blasts struck during morning rush hour, killing scores, wounding dozens and prompting the U.N. observer chief... View Post»

Going his own way
  • Jerry Ruhlow / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Going his own way

Posted On: 12:14 a.m. | May 10, 2012

As antiwar protesters parade outside the Armed Forces recruiting office in Long Beach, Marc Veldman, 18, enlists in the U.S. Navy. View Post»

Pictures in the News | May 9, 2012
  • ADE JOHNSON / AFP / Getty Images

Pictures in the News | May 9, 2012

Posted On: 9:18 a.m. | May 9, 2012

Pictures in the News from around the world. View Post»

Soft drink casualties were heavy
  • George Watson / Los Angeles Times

Soft drink casualties were heavy

Posted On: 12:32 a.m. | May 9, 2012

Driver E.L. Bohanon and two Army MPs survey the soda drink losses following truck accident on the highway between Indio and Desert Center. View Post»

Pictures in the News | May 8, 2012
  • Ivan Sekretarev / Associated Press

Pictures in the News | May 8, 2012

Posted On: 10:35 a.m. | May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Pictures in the News begins with V-E Day commemorations in the Europe, Russia and the U.S. marking victory, 67 years ago, in World War II's European campaign. In Nepal, evicted squatters hurl stones at police during a clash in Katmandu; in Chicago, a sculpture of Marilyn Monroe is dismantled and prepared for travel to Palm Springs; in South Korea, celebrants prepare for to... View Post»

Niekro's empty pockets

Niekro’s empty pockets

Posted On: 12:20 a.m. | May 8, 2012

Minnesota Twins pitcher Joe Niekro has to empty his pockets following a request from umpires at Angel Stadium. View Post»

Pictures in the News | May 7, 2012

Pictures in the News | May 7, 2012

Posted On: 9:45 a.m. | May 7, 2012

Pictures in the News from around the world. View Post»


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