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Tall photographer
  • Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times History Center

Tall photographer

Posted On: 12:14 a.m. | January 13, 2012

World's tallest man Robert Wadlow' at eight feet, 8 inches, takes a photo of Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz during a visit the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office. View Post»

Pictures in the News | Jan. 12, 2012

Pictures in the News | Jan. 12, 2012

Posted On: 10:45 a.m. | January 12, 2012

In today's Pictures in the News; Indonesian protesters are sprayed by police water cannons, an Adelie penguin pops out of the Antarctic Waters, shadows and light play on Victoria Azarenka at the Sydney International tennis tournament, Hindu devotees perform evening prayers in Allahabad, India, and more. View Post»

Glenn Curtiss takes off
  • Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Glenn Curtiss takes off

Posted On: 12:49 a.m. | January 12, 2012

With Glenn Curtiss at the controls, his biplane lifts off in front of the grandstand on second day of the Los Angeles International Air Meet. View Post»

Best of the Web

Best of the Web

Posted On: 2:38 p.m. | January 11, 2012

Best of the Web this week will hopefully inspire you to charge forward this year. The mix of video, multimedia and photography from each of these pieces are progressive examples of the passion of visual storytelling. View Post»

Pictures in the News | January 11, 2012
  • Bullit Marquez / Associated Press

Pictures in the News | January 11, 2012

Posted On: 10:48 a.m. | January 11, 2012

Pictures in the News from around the world. View Post»

Bing Crosby golf lesson
  • Julian Robinson / Los Angeles Times

Bing Crosby golf lesson

Posted On: 12:47 a.m. | January 11, 2012

Bob Hope admires Bing Crosby's putting technique during photo session for Los Angeles Times photographer Juliian Robinson. View Post»

Pictures in the News | Jan. 10, 2012
  • Arno Balzarini / KEYSTONE

Pictures in the News | Jan. 10, 2012

Posted On: 11:39 a.m. | January 10, 2012

In today's Pictures in the News snow provides a winter wonderland in Switzerland while stranding truck drivers on the highway in Kashmir, relatives carry the coffins of a family killed by a mudslide in Brazil and Nigerians protest the removal of a fuel subsidy by the government in Lagos. And there's more. View Post»

Snow-less in the Sierra's

Snowless in the Sierra

Posted On: 10:51 a.m. | January 10, 2012

Last winter, massive snow levels allowed resorts along the Sierra Nevada range to open ahead of schedule. This winter, things couldn't be more different. La NiƱa, the weather pattern cheered for last year's epic snow, is being blamed for this year's slower-than-average start to the skiing-snowboarding season, making it tough for those eager to make winter travel plans. Yosemite National... View Post»


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