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Covering 9/11: The 40-hour drive

Covering 9/11: The 40-hour drive

Posted On: 12:19 a.m. | September 7, 2011

With flights grounded, Los Angeles Times staff photographers Wally Skalij and Kirk McKoy were dispatched to New York – by car. View Post»

An unlikely friendship

An unlikely friendship

Posted On: 4:40 p.m. | September 6, 2011

Sister Margaret Farrell and Leane make a cheerful pair: the Irish nun and the transgender woman. Leane was kicked out of  the house at 13 and spent years cycling between group homes and the streets. Sister Margaret, 51, grew up on a farm in southwest Ireland. County Cork is known as the “rebel county” for its history of resistance to English Protestant rule. But her Catholic parents... View Post»

Pictures in the News | September 6, 2011
  • Remo Casilli / Reuters

Pictures in the News | September 6, 2011

Posted On: 10:23 a.m. | September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Pictures in the News begins in Italy, where a strike against proposed austerity measures has shutdown railways, buses, trams and subways. In Asia, Filipinos gathering around a 21-foot captured saltwater crocodile in Bunawan. The crocodile was caught after a three-week hunt, as Philippine wildlife officials say it is the biggest of its kind caught alive in recent years.  Over in... View Post»

Statue of Liberty from World Trade Center

Statue of Liberty from World Trade Center

Posted On: 12:15 a.m. | September 6, 2011

Los Angeles Times photographer Mark Boster covers the 1986 Statue of Liberty centenary celebration from a top the World Trade Center. View Post»

Sports as a common denominator
  • Arkasha Stevenson / Los Angeles Times

Sports as a common denominator

Posted On: 2:00 a.m. | September 5, 2011

Julius English works as a behavioral therapist for children with special needs and, over the years, has developed a magical touch. The 39-year-old has a learning disability, but basketball has helped him push his limits. Eric Calhoun doesn’t play baseball, but he’s the biggest fan at college and minor league parks across the Southland. The 37-year-old has been going to games for almost... View Post»

Reader Photos: Best of Southern California Moments for August [Updated]
  • Denise Hung

Reader Photos: Best of Southern California Moments for August [Updated]

Posted On: 10:12 p.m. | September 2, 2011

If you ever wanted to take a photo of someone in a gas mask, August was your month. Brandon Long's self-portrait at Salvation Mountain and Jason Hardwick's image of a person using a smartphone on a trolley would have been nice images in and of themselves, but the gas masks added a special touch. Finding those unique moments that make you think "What the heck?" -- that take something mundane and... View Post»

The Week in Pictures | August 29 - September 4, 2011
  • Patrick Baz / AFP / Getty Images

The Week in Pictures | August 29 – September 4, 2011

Posted On: 3:59 p.m. | September 2, 2011

Each week we bring you the very best in visual journalism from around the world. We started off the week on the East Coast with the damage wrought by Hurricane Irene. Almost 50,000 Vermont utility customers were left without power, hundreds of roads were closed and a number of bridges were destroyed by flooding caused by by the remnants of Irene.  Highway 12 in North Carolina, the main road... View Post»

Pictures in the News | September 2, 2011

Pictures in the News | September 2, 2011

Posted On: 12:49 p.m. | September 2, 2011

We begin Friday's Pictures in the News with a leap of faith in South Korea, where athletes from around the world have gathered to compete in the 011 IAAF World Championships. A picture of Salvador Dali is projected at Moscow's Pushkin Museum, where Dali's work is being shown as part of a cultural exchange between Russia and Spain this year; the red carpet was rolled in Italy for the 68th... View Post»


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