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Staff Photographer Mark Boster: 72 hours on the Murrieta immigration story

First Person: Mark Boster 72 hours on the Murrieta immigration front

Posted On: 8:14 a.m. | July 4, 2014

When I arrived, there were over 100 people on the sides of the road with flags and signs. The rumors started swirling that some of the citizens were going to block the buses. View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 3, 2014
  • Sebastian Kahnert / EPA

Pictures in the News | July 3, 2014

Posted On: 3:14 p.m. | July 3, 2014

Thursday's Pictures in the News illustrates the day around the globe. View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 2, 2014
  • Stefan Sauer / DPA

Pictures in the News | July 2, 2014

Posted On: 9:49 a.m. | July 2, 2014

In Wednesday's Pictures in the News a rainbow stretches across the sky over the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, near Trassenheide, Germany. New Delhi: A boy somersaults into water as monsoon rains are expected to arrive at India's capital in a couple of days. Salvador, Brazil: A lone USA supporter dressed as Captain America sits in the stands after Belgium defeated the USA 2-1 in extra time... View Post»

1918 prayer and songs for our troops
  • Los Angeles Times

1918 prayer and songs for our troops

Posted On: 12:22 a.m. | July 2, 2014

Los Angeles County officials and employees gather on the Courthouse steps for a minute of prayer followed by songs in support of American troops in World War I. View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 1, 2014

Pictures in the News | July 1, 2014

Posted On: 10:38 a.m. | July 1, 2014

In Tuesday's Pictures in the News, young Palestinians wave homemade sparklers after breaking the fast during Ramadan in Gaza City. Muslims are obliged to abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex from before dawn until dusk throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Gush Etzion, Israel: Israelis gather for a candlelight vigil near the area where the bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers... View Post»

Pictures in the News | June 30, 2014
  • Manish Swarup / Associated Press

Pictures in the News | June 30, 2014

Posted On: 11:38 a.m. | June 30, 2014

In Monday's Pictures in the News, an Indian Muslim father holds the hands of his daughter in his palms and prays before breaking fast on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan at the Jama Mosque in New Delhi, India. During this month, the world's estimated 1.6 billion Muslims will abstain from food, drink and other pleasures from sunrise to sunset. Khazair, Iraq:  Bottled water is... View Post»

1917 draft board
  • Los Angeles Times

1917 draft board

Posted On: 12:13 a.m. | June 30, 2014

Aug. 1917: Members of Los Angeles Draft Exemption Board 17 process requests for exemptions. View Post»

The Week in Pictures | June 23–29, 2014
  • Mike Eliason / Associated Press

The Week in Pictures | June 23–29, 2014

Posted On: 6:00 p.m. | June 27, 2014

Each week we bring you the very best in visual journalism. This week, the World Cup in Brazil took center stage as fans across the globe rooted on their teams. Thirty-two teams began the tournament and only 16 are left as we enter the knockout stage. View Post»


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