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Kidnapping hoax
  • Dave Gatley / Los Angeles Times

Kidnapping hoax

Posted On: 12:24 a.m. | August 25, 2011

This threatening scene was observed by LA Times photographer Dave Gatley, who contacted police and followed the car. View Post»

Pictures in the News | August 24, 2011
  • Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images

Pictures in the News | August 24, 2011

Posted On: 10:42 a.m. | August 24, 2011

Wednesday's Pictures in the News begins in Washington, where the Washington Monument will remain closed indefinitely after Tuesday's magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia left cracks near the top of the 555-foot obelisk. They're getting nutty in Scotland with the 65th Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Street entertainers perform on the Royal Mile to promote their shows including the fan-favorite bed... View Post»

Dances with bulls

Dances with bulls

Posted On: 4:30 a.m. | August 24, 2011

Forcados are Portuguese-style bullfighters who do not use capes or swords. They rely instead on brotherhood and synchronized steps. They are the boy-band version of bullfighters: They don’t try to kill the bull. They jump on its head, pull its tail and spin it into a dizzy stupor. View Post»

Pee-wee Herman
  • Michael Edwards / Los Angeles Times Archive/UCLA

Pee-wee Herman

Posted On: 12:46 a.m. | August 24, 2011

In 1984, Comedian Paul Reubens, better known as his wacky alter-ego, Pee wee Herman, was on top of his career. View Post»

Pictures in the News | August 23, 2011
  • JOHANNES EISELE / AFP / Getty Images

Pictures in the News | August 23, 2011

Posted On: 10:16 a.m. | August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Pictures in the News begin  in Tripoli, where a battle for the Libyan capital intensifies as rebels prepare an offensive on Moammar Kadafi's vast fortress. Both joy and paranoia permeate the city. See photo gallery It's a surreal scene in Afghanistan as U.S. soldiers protect their faces from rotor wash as wounded comrades are airlifted  to a hospital in Kandahar after their... View Post»

Action on the sidelines
  • Los Angeles Times

Action on the sidelines

Posted On: 12:16 a.m. | August 23, 2011

Los Angeles Times staff photographer Judd Gunderson dodges players during USC - California football game. View Post»

Debunking sharks' bad reputation
  • William Winram

Debunking sharks’ bad reputation

Posted On: 5:36 p.m. | August 22, 2011

Who would believe someone would free-dive unprotected with great white sharks in the open ocean unless you had photos to prove it. Divers William Winram, Fred Buyle and Pierre Frolla do just that. No shark cage. No spear gun or knife. Just cameras. In the last few years, divers like Winram have been debunking the sinister reputation of the so-called man-eater. He wants to show that... View Post»

Pictures in the News | August 22, 2011
  • Pavel Rahman / Associated Press

Pictures in the News | August 22, 2011

Posted On: 11:03 a.m. | August 22, 2011

We begin Monday's Pictures in the News in Libya, where rebels claimed to be in control of 80% of the capital. Libyan insurgents reported heavy casualties in fierce fighting outside Moammar Kadafi's compound and other pockets of the city. See photo gallery Surf's up in South Africa, where winter swells have made for ideal conditions at an offshore reef in Cape Town. Conditions were not as... View Post»


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