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Space Shuttle pictures 1972-2011

Space Shuttle pictures 1972-2011

Posted On: 12:01 a.m. | July 7, 2011

With the upcoming flight of the Atlantis, the thirty year plus Space Shuttle program comes to an end. View Post»

Reader Photos: Best of Southern California Moments for June
  • Jay Anderson

Reader Photos: Best of Southern California Moments for June

Posted On: 1:23 p.m. | July 6, 2011

Maybe it was due to "June Gloom," or reverse seasonal affect disorder, or maybe we've just been listening to too much of the new Bon Iver album while editing, but there's a certain solitude and isolation to many of our June picks. The solitary monk, an abandoned house on blocks, dead trees taken on expired film in the desert, and even the tired cousins at the end of the barbecue give a very... View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 6, 2011
  • JOHN KOLESIDIS / Reuters

Pictures in the News | July 6, 2011

Posted On: 10:22 a.m. | July 6, 2011

Wednesday's Pictures in the News feature begins in Europe, where tens of thousands of people pack Pamplona's streets for a wild kickoff to Spain's best-known fiesta: the nine-day San Fermin Festival and its running of the bulls. In France, the Tour de France cycling race is in its fifth stage, and a Slovenian rider is injured after crashing in Carhaix. In Greece, turmoil continues as taxi... View Post»

San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain
  • Denis Doyle / Getty Images

San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain

Posted On: 10:18 a.m. | July 6, 2011

The San Fermin festival, which involves the running of the bulls through the historic heart of Pamplona for eight days starting Thursday, July 7, was made famous by Ernest Hemingway's novel "The Sun Also Rises." View Post»

Mickey Cohen's home bombed
  • John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

Mickey Cohen’s home bombed

Posted On: 12:14 a.m. | July 6, 2011

Mobster Mickey Cohen's West Los Angeles home is bombed. View Post»

Phoenix dust storm
  • Mark J. Rebilas / U.S. PRESSWIRE

Phoenix dust storm

Posted On: 9:48 p.m. | July 5, 2011

A dust storm with gusts of wind up to 60 miles per hour moves through Phoenix. Read more. View Post»

'Original' Locke students graduate
  • Arkasha Stevenson / Los Angeles Times

‘Original’ Locke students graduate

Posted On: 6:37 p.m. | July 5, 2011

The graduates were the last remaining students who had attended Locke High before it became a charter school three years ago. The “original” Locke students, as they’ve come to be known, were placed in the Launch to College Academy, a school within a school that shrank with each passing class and, with this graduation, now disappears altogether. The two counselors, too, are bidding... View Post»

Pictures in the News | July 5, 2011
  • Sam Yeh / AFP / Getty Images

Pictures in the News | July 5, 2011

Posted On: 10:23 a.m. | July 5, 2011

In today's Pictures in the News a military mass wedding ceremony in Taiwan is sealed with a lot of kisses, wounded veterans of the Sudan People's Liberation Army rehearse for an Independence Day ceremony, Kashmiri boys do flips into Dal Lake to escape a heat wave and an inmate is caught trying to escape from a Mexican prison in a suitcase is photographed by guards with him still inside. There's... View Post»


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